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Hi, my names Ashleigh and I'm an aspiring Book Blogger! I'm passionate about reviewing books and mangas and providing unique content that covers all genres but mainly fantasy and romance! I also have an Instagram and Booktube where I post regularly about my reading journey (handle @ashleighsbooklist). Join me on my literary journey!

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Discover your next favourite read, and whether a book is truly worth your time.

Do audiobooks qualify as reading? Explore the essence of 'reading,' inclusive of various mediums, and challenge misconceptions. Join us in celebrating audiobooks as a legitimate form of literary engagement, enriching minds through storytelling.

Book 1 in the Mortal Enemies to Monster Lovers series, explore Carissa Broadbent's romantasy. Engaging characters, intense romance, and strategic plots captivate, will have you reading till 2am!

Explore the manga world through my lens as I share insights on titles dropped in 2023. Uncover the reasons behind my decisions and discover new reads that might better align with your preferences

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