Slaying the Vampire Conqueror by Carissa Broadbent book review

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Slaying the Vampire Conqueror by Carissa Broadbent book review

Overall thoughts

Diving into the first book of the Mortal Enemies to Monster Lovers series, Carissa Broadbent delivers a romantasy that effortlessly captured my heart, making it an immersive read that I ended up reading in only a few days. Broadbent’s writing style allowed me to seamlessly settle into her world without overwhelming information dumps—a perfect fit for those late-night reading marathons.

Set within the vampiric world of the Crown of Nyaxia, Slaying the Vampire Conqueror follows Sylina, a blind assassin tasked with infiltrating the army of the vampire conqueror, Atrius, and assassinating him. Unexpectedly, she finds herself falling for him in the process. Being part of the mortal enemies to monster lovers series, the book not only excels in romance but also boasts a compelling overarching plot, intense battle scenes, and strategic planning that kept me on the edge of my seat. I loved that I wasn’t just invested in the romance, which I am in most enemies to lovers I read!

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Some might find this departure from the norm less satisfying, especially considering there’s only one spice scene. Nevertheless, the dialogue, fighting, and the slow burn between Sylina and Atrius make for a captivating narrative. My heart was melting during their side looks, light touches, jokes, banter and intimate chats.

Sylina emerges as a standout Female Main Character (FMC), exhibiting strength, sass, sexiness, and top tier banter. What makes her unique is her sacrifice of eyesight at the age of 10 to join the Arachessen sisterhood. This sacrifice grants her the ability to Seer, channel, and connect with her goddess Acaeja, offering me a distinctive perspective through colored threads, sound, and feelings. Throughout the vampires heavily relied on Sylina, compared to the typical vampire/men saving the day for the women!

Atrius, the grumpy vampire burdened with multiple problems, stands out for his complexities. Despite his gruff exterior, he cares deeply for his people and yearns for a peaceful life, all while grappling with two curses. The subtle but powerful way Broadbent develops the bond between Atrius and Sylina adds an extra layer of depth to the narrative. The way he looks at Sylina, aaaaaaaaaaa I went wild!

Initially assuming this book was a standalone, the revelation that some characters would reappear in the next duology, “Bloodborn,” was a bit surprising. This expectation influenced my reading experience (not in a good way), and it’s worth noting that certain plot points felt unresolved or left open for interpretation and requiring me to fill in the gaps myself. I also noticed some inconsistencies between the Crowns of Nyaxia series

Participating in a book club discussion significantly elevated my reading experience. The opportunity to share thoughts and theories with others added depth to the narrative, definitely influencing my final rating.

Slaying the Vampire Conqueror by Carissa Broadbent is a captivating romantasy that seamlessly blends heart-melting romance, intense battles, and strategic plotting. While the unexpected series continuation and some unresolved plot points impacted my experience, the standout characters, engaging dialogue, and vibrant world make it a commendable read, leaving me eagerly anticipating the next instalment, Slaying the Shifter Prince.

Book rating & bio

Four Star Rating/5

Slaying the Vampire Conqueror by Carissa Broadbent book cover

Title: Slaying the Vampire Conqueror.
Author: Carissa Broadbent
Genre: Fantasy Romance, Vampires. 
My Score: 4/5
StoryGraph score: 4.15 (as of 22/01/24). View in StoryGraph. 
Goodreads score:
4.13/5 (as of 22/01/24). View in Goodreads.
Publisher: ‎Nasyra Publishing.
Format: Paperback
Pages: 440.
Buy on: Amazon | Amazon – Kindle addition 

She was commanded to kill him with a single strike to the heart.

She didn’t expect her own to betray her.

Sylina has sacrificed everything for her goddess-her soul, her freedom, her eyes. Life in service to the Arachessen, a cult of the Goddess of Fate, has turned Sylina from orphaned street-rat to disciplined killer, determined to overthrow Glaea’s tyrannical king. 

But when a brutal vampire conqueror arrives on their shores, Sylina faces an even deadlier adversary. She’s tasked with a crucial mission: infiltrate his army, earn his trust… and kill him. 

Atrius is a terrifying warrior carving an unstoppable path through Glaea. Yet when Sylina becomes his seer, she glimpses a dark and shocking past – and a side of him that reminds her far too much of parts of herself she’s rather forget. 

Sylina’s orders are clear. The conqueror cannot live. But as the blood spilled by Glaea’s tyrant king runs thicker, her connection with Atrius only grows stronger. A connection forbidden by her vows. 

A connection that could cost her everything. 

Content warning: Blood depiction, death of children mentioned, consensual sensory deprivation.
Spoilers: This review is mostly spoiler-free. I’ve placed all spoilers within an accordion, leaving the choice to you if you fancy reading them. 

My favourite quotes

Atrius stared at me, brows low over the silver-and-gold eyes. Then his fingertip rpse and flicked the edge of the veil making the silken fabric ripple. And he mouthed, I hate this thing.

‘I dreamed about this’ he murmured. ‘What you might look like unraveled and deperate in the seconds before I let you go. I want to savour it’.

My favourite side character

When it comes to standout side characters, Erekkus undoubtedly takes the spotlight. Placed as Sylina’s bodyguard, Erekkus brings an incredible dynamic to the story through his banter and friendship with her. His presence adds layers of emotion and depth, showcasing a range of feelings from annoyance to friendliness, flirty exchanges to genuine compassion, and even moments of devastation and anger.

Erekkus serves as a constant support for Atrius, offering a nuanced portrayal of their relationship. Despite Atrius keeping his emotions guarded, Erekkus remains a steadfast presence. I particularly enjoyed how Erekkus, with his keen understanding of Atrius, instantly recognised Sylina as someone who would capture Atrius’s attention. His playful banter about it added a delightful touch to the narrative, showcasing not only his perceptiveness but also his role as a supportive figure in Atrius’s life.

2 main plot hole annoyances

Spoilers ahead – skip spoilers here and jump to what’s next to come in the mortal enemies to monster lovers series.

The Sisters Dilemma:

One major plot hole that left me scratching my head revolves around the sisters. First off, why couldn’t Sylina contact them before heading to the King’s castle? It seems implausible that none of them were available. A theory floated by my friend Sally suggests that the Sightmother might have blocked Sylina’s channel, hindering her ability to contact the sisters. However, this critical detail is left entirely to readers to speculate and fill in the blanks.

Secondly, the sisters’ were seemingly easyily overthrown when the vampires took over the keep raises eyebrows. These are supposed to be badass assassins, skilled on par with Sylina, yet they end up under guard until Sylina needs to speak to them? It’s puzzling that there isn’t more friction and struggle from their end, considering their Sightmother is dead, vampires are conquering their keep, and they are meant to be formidable warriors. They should also be fuming but even then, only a few were really angry?!

Inconsistency in Rituals:

This plot hole is a significant gap in continuity between the Crown of Nyaxia books. Spoilers ahead!!! Do not read if you haven’t read this book or The Ashes and the Star Cursed King.

Another glaring inconsistency arises in the portrayal of rituals between Slaying the Vampire Conqueror and The Ashes and the Star Cursed King. In the former, Sylina and the Sightmother go through a powerful, draining, and difficult ritual to get the gods’ attention. It’s emphasized that it’s a challenging process, and sometimes, the ritual won’t even work.

However, in The Ashes and the Star Cursed King, Oraya seemingly bypasses all complexities. To call on not one but two gods, all she has to do is scream their names, without using any powers—just pleading on the floor. This inconsistency in the level of difficulty and the portrayal of ritual dynamics raises questions about the reliability of the world-building and magical systems within the Crown of Nyaxia series. It’s a significant plot hole that leaves readers grappling with the abrupt shift in the rules governing divine interactions.

Mortal Enemies to Monster Lovers series

Mortal Enemies to Monster Lovers: The ultimate stack of enemies-to-lovers, morally grey fantasy romances by six authors. Read in any order for forced proximity, lethal attraction, and guaranteed HEAs. From Carissa Broadbent, Clare Sager, Candace Robinson, Elle Beaumont, Jessica M Butler, and Helen Scheuerer. Perfect for fans of From Blood & Ash, The Bridge Kingdom, and King of Battle and Blood.

Books in the Mortal Enemies to Monster Lovers series

✧ Slaying the Vampire Conqueror by Carissa Broadbent
✧ Slaying the Shifter Prince by Clare Sager
✧ Slaying the Frost King by Candice Robinson and Elle Beaumont
✧ Slaying the Naga Prince by Jessica M. Butler
✧ Slaying the Shadow prince by Helen Scheuerer

Expect more reviews to come, as I plan to slowly make my way through this series throughout 2024.

Final thoughts

Overall, Slaying the Vampire Conqueror stands as a great read, and I eagerly anticipate diving into the next installment of the Mortal Enemies to Monster Lovers series: Slaying the Shifter Prince.

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Happy reading!

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