Do you need to read the Six Scorched Roses novella in the Crowns of Nyaxia series?

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Do you need to read Six Scorched Roses in the Crowns of Nyaxia series?

Are you wondering if the Six Scorched Roses novella in the Crowns of Nyaxia series is worth your time? In this book review, we explore Carissa Broadbent’s contribution to the Nyaxia universe, linked to the completed ‘Nightborn Duology,’ which includes ‘The Serpent and the Wings of Night‘ and ‘The Ashes and the Star Cursed King.‘ As a fan eagerly awaiting Broadbent’s next release, I couldn’t wait to dive into this novella.

Unlike other series, this novella introduces a fresh perspective, focusing on mature female leads—Lilith, in her thirties, and Vale, a vampire in the human lands. Other than the gods, no other characters cross over from The Serpent and the Wings of Night (SATWON).

What's it about?

Lilith resides in the plagued town of Adcova, where a god-cursed illness gradually claims the lives of its human residents. Adding to the grim situation, Lilith grapples with her own imminent death. Meanwhile, Vale, a vampire largely shunned and avoided by the humans, dwells in the same lands. Their fates become intertwined when Lilith, desperate to unearth a remedy for her town’s devastating affliction, has no recourse but to seek out the enigmatic Vale.

Read on as we delve into

Book rating & bio

Four Star Rating.5/5

Six Scorched Roses by Carissa Broadbent (Crowns of Nyaxia Novella)

Title: Six Scorched Roses
Author: Carissa Broadbent
Genre: Fantasy Romance, Vampires, Adult.
Good Reads score: 4.29/5. Visit Six Scorched Roses in Good Reads.
Publisher: Carissa Broadbent
Format: Paperback
Pages: 195
Buy on: Amazon | Amazon – Kindle edition | World of Books.


Lilith has been dying since the day she was born. But while she long ago came to terms with her own imminent death, the deaths of everyone she loves is an entirely different matter. As her town slowly withers in the clutches of a mysterious god-cursed illness, she takes matters into her own hands. 

Desperate to find a cure, Lilith strikes a bargain with the only thing the gods hate even more than her village: a vampire, Vale. She offers him six roses in exchange for six vials of vampire blood – the one hope for her town’s salvation. 

But when what begins as a simple transaction gradually becomes something more, Lilith is faces with a terrifying realisation: It’s dangerous to wander into the clutches of a vampire… and in a place already suffering a god’s wrath, more dangerous still to fall in love with one.

Content warning: Discussion of terminal illness, death, violence, and explicit sexual situations.
Spoilers: This review is mostly spoiler-free. I’ve placed all spoilers within an accordion, leaving the choice to you if you fancy reading them. 
Disclosure: This blog contains affiliate links, and as an Amazon Associate, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase through those links.

What stood out in Six Scorched Roses Novella

The narrative immediately immerses readers in a captivating story, keeping them engrossed as it unfolds. The characters’ journeys are skillfully interwoven, providing a satisfying and well-rounded conclusion. The central relationship between Lilith, a human, and Vale, a vampire, is particularly compelling. Vale’s gradual transformation and his vulnerability in Lilith’s presence lead to heart-pounding interactions and great one-liners.

Unlike some novellas that serve as mere side stories in a larger series, Six Scorched Roses breaks the mold. With its rounded plot, adept writing, well-managed pacing, and immersive world-building, it’s a valuable and unmissable addition to the Crowns of Nyaxia series, appealing to both dedicated fans and newcomers.

Engaging plot

Despite its brevity, ‘Six Scorched Roses’ packs a punch with multiple engaging plotlines. It introduces readers to the evolving relationship between Lilith and Vale, Lilith’s struggle with her illness, her quest to find a cure in the cursed Adcova, Vale’s personal growth, the enigmatic significance of the roses, and a deeper exploration of human life in the vampire-dominated world of Nyaxia, offering a richer perspective of humans compared to The Serpent and the Wings of Night.

The novella has several unexpected twists and turns, particularly in the form of the town’s curse and Lilith’s ailment, making it a well-rounded read that can be comfortably enjoyed in just one or two sittings. If this novella sounds like your kind of read, why not buy it today!

Thoughts on Lilith and Vale

At first, I wondered if I’d miss Oraya and Raihn, but Lilith and Vale proved to be equally, if not more at some moments, addictive and intriguing. Their dynamics, distinct from Oraya and Raihn’s, added depth to the narrative. While Oraya is a trained killer accustomed to the presence of vampires, Lilith, terminally ill, has had no prior interaction with these supernatural creatures. Despite their differences, both women exhibit strength, independence, and resilience, making them easy to root for.

Lilith is intelligent, bold, and strong-willed. I loved how forward she is with Vale her unflinching interactions with him adds depth to her character and their growing relationship.

Vale’s transformation from a cold and hard deminer to someone who slowly opens up to Lilith Literally was everything! This character development made me switch from finding him arrogant and annoying to loving him! The romance and spice between Vale and Lilith is tender and heartwarming, setting it apart from the clichéd romances commonly found in the genre. I just love them!

Female main character in her thirties!

Thank you Carissa Broadbent for writing a female main character in her thirties! This choice added authenticity to the romantic aspect, making it more relatable and less cringeworthy compared to tales that pair teenagers with centuries-old supernatural males.

Favourite quotes from Six Scorched Roses (Crowns of Nyaxia series)

Single rose

“I suppose that once someone has seen my bare ass, we can drop the titles”

Single rose

He said, “Are you really not concerned that I’m going to eat you?” A little, a voice whispered in the back of my head. “No,” I said. “If you were going to do that, you would have done it by now.” “Maybe there were other things I wanted to do first,” he said in a tone that implied this often got much more of a reaction

Single rose

“Im starting to think you might be lying to me”

“And if i am”

… I could feel his eyes on me, stead and sharp. “There would be consequences”. Something in his voice gave me pause…I knew before I looked up the expression that would be on his face… The expression was just as I’s imagined it – the faint smirk, the cool stare. And yet… something a little less removed flickered in his eyes as they lowered slightly. Lowered, I realised to my mouth.

What I felt was missing

As I immersed myself in Six Scorched Roses, my only issue was that I found myself yearning for a full-length novel solely focused on Lilith and Vale. Nevertheless, I must acknowledge that the novella was well-rounded and a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Exploring the way humans coexist in a vampire-dominated world was a fascinating aspect of the narrative. I enjoyed the glimpses into human life within this supernatural realm, from mundane activities like attending school and university to their unique belief systems regarding the gods of Nyaxia.

Yet, I couldn’t help but wish for a deeper exploration of these elements. While it’s established that magic is forbidden, I longed for a more intricate explanation of this prohibition. Similarly, I desired a more in-depth look at the interactions between vampires and humans.

How is Six Scorched Roses connected to Crowns of Nyaxia Nightborn duology?

In ‘Six Scorched Roses,’ the main character, Vale, is a Rishan Nightborn vampire residing near a town called Adcova, located outside of Obitraes. He used to live in Obitraes and played a crucial role in the conflict between the Rishan and Hiaj vampires. When the Hiaj emerged victorious and took control of the kingdom, Vale sought refuge in Adova, where he has since resided.

Additionally, this novella provides readers with more insights into the deities that populate the Nyaxia world, including references to the gods introduced in the series’ The Serpent and the Wings of Night.

Why you might ask?

Reading Six Scorched Roses first allows you to become acquainted with a certain character/s who will reappear in The Ashes and the Star Cursed King. It provides a better understanding of these characters and the motives behind their actions. That said, it’s not an absolute necessity. If your anticipation to conclude the Crowns of Nyaxia Nightborn Duology is strong, you can certainly opt to proceed without it. Just be aware that doing so may reveal certain events and outcomes from Six Scorched Roses in advance.

Can you read The Ashes and the Star Cursed King before Six Scorched Roses?

If you’ve recently completed The Serpent and the Wings of Night and find yourself eager to dive straight into the next book of the Nightborn duology, I completely understand, especially considering the semi-cliffhanger ending. However, I recommend sticking to the reading order that Carissa Broadbent has provided. Begin with The Serpent and the Wings of Night, proceed to the ‘Six Scorched Roses’ novella, and then move on to The Ashes and the Star Cursed King. Need more persuasion to read this series, read by The Serpent and Wings of Night review and The Ashes and the Star Cursed King review via the links.

Final thoughts

Carissa Broadbent is one of those authors where I will be keeping close tabs on and eagerly waiting her next realise. I hope I was able to persuade you to read this novella as it’s such a good read! If it did sound like your kind of read, buy it today and yet reading!

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