Popular BookTok books: The Serpent & the Wings of Night review

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Popular BookTok books: The Serpent & the Wings of Night review

After finishing the ACOTAR series by Sarah J. Mass, I was dying for another fantasy romance book to fill the empty void I felt. Then Carissa Broadbent gave us the gift of The Serpent & the Wings of Night (TSATWON). Think Underworld & Hunger Games, TSATWON has bloodthirsty vampires, dark magic, slow-burning romance, enemies-to-lovers, and survival games all mixed into one.

This was such an easy read due to the captivating writing and action-packed scenes. The romance, murder and betrayal throughout TSATWON are intertwined so perfectly, that you’ll be screaming and gagging for more. Read on to discover my overall thoughts, what I liked about the plot and characters, and what I thought was missing

Book rating & bio

Four Star Rating.5/5

The Serpent & the Wings of Night book

Title: The Serpent & the Wings of Night
Author: Carissa Broadbent
Genre: Romantic Fantasy, New Adult, Vampires, Dark.
Good Reads score: 4.37/5. Visit The Serpent and the Wings of Night in Good Reads.
Publisher: Carissa Broadbent
Format: Paperback
Pages: 491
Buy on: Amazon | Amazon – Kindle edition

Human or vampire. The rules of survival are the same. Never trust. Never yield. And always – always – guard your heart.

The adopted human daughter of the Nightborn vampire king, Oraya carved her place in a world designed to kill her. Her only chance to become something more than prey is entering the Kejari; a legendary tournament help by the goddess of death herself.

But winning won’t be easy against the most vicious warriors from all three vampire houses. To survive, Oraya is forced to make an alliance with a mysterious rival.

Everything about Raihn is dangerous. He is a ruthless vampire, an efficent killer, an enemy to her father’s crown… and her greatest competition. Yet, what terrifies Oraya most of all is that she finds herself oddly drawn to him.

But there’s no room for compassion in the Kejari. War for the throne of House of NIght brews, shattering everything that Oraya thought she knew about her home. And Raihn may understand her more than anyone – but their blossoming attraction could be her downfall, in a kingdom where nothing is more deadly than love.

Content warning: This book contains subject matter that might be difficult for some readers, including violence, torture (off page), flashback of rape (consent withdrawn), self-harm, emotional abuse, slavery, and reference to sexual abuse. 
Spoilers: This review is mostly spoiler-free. I’ve placed all spoilers within an accordion, leaving the choice to you if you fancy reading them. 
Disclosure: This blog contains affiliate links, and as an Amazon Associate, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase through those links.

The perfect cure for your ACOTAR hangover

I just loved this book, I could not get enough of it. TSATWON, the first instalment of the Crown of Nyaxia series, comprising three duologies and interstitial novellas, establishes a solid foundation for an enthralling, pulse-quickening and utterly addictive saga.

The world-building of Nyaxia was easy to follow, leaving you eager to uncover more about the different vampire houses, captivating gods and logistics of human survival. Oraya (FMC*), is the adopted daughter of the Nightborn vampire king, Vincent, who enters a tournament in the hopes of winning the gift of being more than prey in a world full of vampires.

Expect sexy banter, spicy vampire scenes, chapter 38 being one of my favs, and intense action-packed fighting throughout. Don’t underestimate Oraya, who is a formidable character till the very last chapter. The ending had me screaming, not knowing what to do with myself! The dynamics between Oraya and Raihn (MMC*) are so addictive, a great pair as enemies, friends and more. 

Thoughts on plot and characters

Vampire spice and MC relationships

  • I couldn’t help but love Oraya and Raihn as they worked through their past traumas and emotions whilst fighting to survive in the Kejari tournament. Their witty humour, sexual tension, and lethal fight scenes were everything I needed for me to fall in love with them. 
  • The spice scenes were chef’s kiss.
  • Why does Raihn make me want to melt?!?! He reads Oraya’s emotions so quickly, especially when she has flashbacks of painful memories or an internal monologue.  It reminded me of Fleabag and the priest when she breaks the fourth wall and he always notices. 
Fleabag breaking the fourth wall with the Priest. He says 'where did you go'

“What was that… Where did you go” Raihn pg. 90

The Kejari tournament

  • Each trial of the Kejari tournament had me on the edge of my seat! They were so unique I couldn’t;t guess what was around the corner. Each trial had me rooting for obviously Oraya but also Raihn, Mushe and even Ibrihim.

Oraya's humour and character development

  • Oraya’s sarcasm, particularly her one-liners to herself during fight scenes and when interacting with Raihn!
    Carissa Broadbent wrote about Oraya’s past sexual assault and trauma with both sensitivity and an unwavering commitment to portraying the profound emotional complexities of her journey.
    Oraya’s (FMC*) journey and character development throughout the book send you on a rollercoaster of emotions.


  • The world-building and history of the House of Blood, Shadow & Night (plus the humans). I’m so thankful we are going to get two books for each house, and also some novellas so we can learn more about how humans and vampires integrate.
    I really enjoyed the interludes that were from Vincent’s perspective, it left us with so many questions!

Even though Vincent is a bad guy, my heart was wrecked when he died because of Oraya’s reaction and emotion. Why did she have to go through that 😭.

What I thought was missing

  • The map at the start of the book was pretty basic and didn’t add anything to the story. I hope to see detail added to it throughout the next books.
    Honestly I don’t think there was anything else that was missing for me, this is how much I loved this book. The ending did leave us with unanswered questions, but I’m sure all will be revealed in book 2 ‘The Ashes & the Star Cursed King’.

Final thoughts

This book had a choke hold on me, and it’s currently one of my favourite reads of the year. Carissa Broadbent just keeps on giving in 2023, releasing 3 books within the Nyaxia series plus another stand-alone book set in the Nyaxia world but not part of the TSATWON series. If you’ve been sitting on the fence regarding whether to read this, don’t hesitate and start reading! Don’t miss my other reviews on the Crowns of Nyaxia series: The Ashes and the Star Cursed King review and Do you need to read Six Scorched Roses novella?

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